Home Improvements? Dial before you dig.

If you are thinking about excavating for any reason, please ensure that you contact us first to check if there are any cables underground that could be damaged.

Our extensive network of cables could be buried anywhere, under gardens, roads, drive ways or entering into properties underground.

We can supply service diagrams of our underground cables free of charge via email or discuss the site over the phone.

Charges may apply if a service is broken or damaged and the type and size of the service will dictate these charges. Please be aware that there are fibre optic cables buried which may not necessarily be detectable with standard cable identification tools - if in doubt please contact us. Implications of damaging a cable are high cost of repair and possible major service outages for customers, so please dial before you dig.

Contact us
To enquire about where our underground services are located please contact Nick Eley on +44 1481 757311 or David Saunders +44 1481 757310. Alternatively, email or


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