Receiving your bill


The best way to access your bills is through your online account MySure.

Your current bill and the previous 11 months of bills are viewable online at no charge. They can be downloaded and saved to your own system.

If you choose to continue to receive your Sure bills by post, a monthly paper bill charge* will be applied.

When you receive an email from us, it shows your account number and balance due.  You then have the option to open the link and "see your bill now" in full.  You must also have registered for a MySure account to view the link.

Bills will show services that you have used during the relevant billing period as well as part period charges for starting and ending services mid-month. 

When you register for MySure, you can view your bill including the itemisation of the charges. By default, we do not itemise individual calls with a value of less than 20p but you can choose a preferred value that best suits your needs. To arrange this select the option in MySure or call us on 01481 700700

We can also provide paper copies of historic bills and itemisation, however, please note that these facilities are chargeable.

*In exceptional circumstances where you cannot access online billing, we may waive the paper bill charge.

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