Calling out an engineer

If one of our engineers is called to your premises to repair your telephone service during normal working hours, then you will only be charged for the visit if the fault relates to equipment (including wiring) beyond your master socket.


This is the socket at which our fixed-line telephony service terminates. The cost of any repair to our line up to the master socket is included in your rental charge.  You’ll always be advised of any cost before we complete chargeable work.

If you require an engineer outside of their normal working hours, regardless of the type of fault, you are likely to incur a charge. If your telephone handset was not purchased from us then please contact your supplier, as this will save you from incurring unnecessary charges.

Standard Engineering Charges  (visit charge, and first 30 mins)  £65.00, each additional 30 mins £32.50


We offer limited emergency cover for faults on Saturdays, Sundays and Bank Holiday and these visits are chargeable. 

Weekday Evening and Saturday (visit charge, and hourly rate) £100.00

Sunday and Bank Holiday (visit charge, and hourly rate) £120


If a Sure engineer visits your home or office, they will be carrying an identity card. If you are unsure about the validity of the card, then please call us on (01481) 700700 to confirm the identity of our engineer.  


Prices correct as of 1st October 2019

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