Battery back-up for mains powered ONT

What happens if there is a power cut?

Fibre landlines, Lifeline health alarms and broadband services will not operate during a power cut unless battery back-up equipment provided by Guernsey Fibre has been installed in your home. Without a battery back-up unit being in place during a power cut, you would not be able to call the emergency services from your landline. Mobile services would be unaffected for as long as operationally possible. You should also be aware that regardless of whether your landline is provided via the traditional copper network or via the new Guernsey Fibre network, any cordless telephones (‘DECT’ units, not mobile phones) will not operate during a power cut. Should you be reliant on your landline, please ensure that you have at least one corded telephone connected to your landline.

If you order a fibre service, a Guernsey Fibre engineer will undertake a pre-installation visit to your premises. During that visit they will ask you to complete a short checklist, the results of which will indicate whether you are entitled to a free battery-back up unit.  The checklist will include the following topics:

  • Whether any household is appreciably more likely to require the emergency services, including anyone who has a Lifeline health alarm;
  • Whether any householder or a household member has a medical condition/disability that could present severe consequences if they could not contact the emergency services;
  • Whether a householder lives alone AND has limited mobility or a visual or mental impairment that could hamper their ability to seek help in a emergency;
  • Whether there is no mobile signal within the premises, or whether any householder or household member is not readily able to use a mobile phone.

Once you have completed the short checklist, the engineer will be able to tell you whether you qualify for a free battery back-up unit. You are not required to have one installed, if you would prefer not to.

A battery back-up unit is available to all other customers, but on a chargeable basis. If a unit is installed at the same time as your fibre service, the charge is £26.85. Should the engineer need to undertake a specific visit (i.e. after your fibre service has been installed), the charge is £59.35. If you would like one, just let the Guernsey Fibre engineer know when they visit you.

All battery back-up units have an estimated lifespan of six years and apart from periodic testing by a householder (ideally monthly; instructions provided), no maintenance should be required. In case of any issues with a battery back-up unit provided by Guernsey Fibre, please call them on 700900 (during normal hours).


For more information and other Fibre FAQ's please click here Guernsey Fibre FAQs


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