How do I reset my router?

If you have a Sure supplied router and your internet light is flashing red you can reset the router which will force it to set-up automatically and reconnect to the internet.

*Please note*, if you have created your own WiFi name and password, a reset will remove this and you will need to set it up again after the reset process.


Performing a reset

To perform a reset you can use a pin or paperclip and push this into the reset hole on the rear of the router, shown in the images below. 


Hold the reset for 10 to 15 seconds.  You will see the lights go out on the router.  Shortly afterwards, the lights will start to come back on one at a time.  

If all the lights stay green you are connected to the internet.  If this does not happen then you may need to set the router up manually.  


What if that doesn't work?

Below you will find links to the most commonly used routers supplied by Sure with step by step instructions for how to add or change your username details which will connect you to the internet.

Changing your username on the Thomson TG789vn router

Changing your username on the Technicolor TG 589vac V2 router

Changing your username on the Technicolor TG 588V2 router

Changing your username on the Technicolor DWA0120 router


For any other make or model of router, you can search for the manufacturer's website and find articles on how to set up your router for first use, this will provide similar information to help you. 



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