Changing your username on the Technicolor TG 588V2 router


How to change your username on the TG 588V2 Router


Before starting you will need a note of your internet username and password.  When you first applied for service this would have been sent to you as part of the set-up activity for your order.  If you are unable to locate this then call our support centre and we can provide it to you.

For reference, username formats may look like this: (the number in this format could be 2,3,4,5, or 6)


Step 1 - Open your internet browser, you can use any browser such as Internet Explorer or Firefox.  You may be presented with an error message when you first open the browser because you are not online; ignore this and click in the long address bar at the top.


Step 2 - Delete whatever is in there (mostly likely your usual home page address for example and type the following -, then click enter.


Step 3 - You should then get the Technicolor screen below.

Click sign in button shown below



Step 4 - Use the following details to sign in with:

Login: admin

Password: admin




Step 5 - Once logged in you will be presented with a menu page like the image below.  Double click on the Internet Access section.



Step 6 - You will be presented with the screen below:


Remove the username and enter the correct username.  Click Save.


That's it, you're finished.  You should now be able to connect to the internet once more!


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