Guernsey Directory 2020 - Help and Support

What is the deadline for changes to directory listings?

Customers are being asked to finalise any changes to directory listings before the end of June 2020.

What is included in the white pages of the 2020/21 Directory?

The white pages are made up of paid for listings (largely from businesses) and free listings. All paid listings are managed by Yello Media, our directories partner, and if you would like additional information, such as email addresses or websites on your white pages listing, these are available from Yello Media.

For free listings, these are provided by Sure and JT and consist of a simple entry of name, address and phone number.

The directory entry aligns with the account holder name, and account billing address. For listings only showing a mobile number the address is not shown.

For paid listings the information displayed will be agreed between the advertiser and Yello Media. Numbers associated with advertisers will take precedence over any free listing information provided by Sure or JT.

How do you work out who is included in the white pages of the 2020 Directory?

For 2020/21 phone numbers of Sure customers will be printed where they have:

  • Previously been printed and Sure have not received any request from the account holder to be ex-directory,
  • Customers that were not printed in 2019 and have since raised a specific request to be included.

How do I request to get added to the directory?

For Sure customers this can be done through MySure – our self-service portal, or the account holder can give consent for changes using a form that can be found here

JT customers with a fixed line service should speak directly to the JT customer service team.

JT and Airtel customers may also request for mobile services to be added by contacting – customers should note that this is a chargeable service.

How are Sure telling customers about the 2020/21 directory?

All customers who are due to be printed in the 2020/21 Directory will receive an email or letter informing them that they are due to be included in the White Pages. If they take no action they will appear in the directory. If they do not wish to appear, or amend their entry in the directory, they simply complete the steps outlined in the email or letter.

If you are Sure customer and want to change you directory status, account holders can give their consent for changes by completing a form that can be found here

For customers who have not previously appeared in the directory and wish to they will need to inform us of the preference, this is best done within their MySure account online (please note this specific feature is not available within the app)  and a single listing can be added to each service. Customers may also call the Sure contact centre.

How many numbers are printed in the Guernsey Directory?

Approximately 20,000 numbers appear in the directory

How many directories are distributed?

In 2020 there will be 35,000 directories printed and distributed through retailers across the island.

When will the directory be available?

There have been some delays to the compilation of the directory due to COVID-19 impacts. The directory is expected to be available in stores in November 2020.

Will the font change in the white pages this year?

Yes – font sizes will increase slightly, for bold entries this will be from 8.55 to 10 Clan Narrow Bold, and for standard listings from 6.6 to 7 Clan Narrow.

Who runs the Guernsey Directory?

The Guernsey Directory is run on behalf of Sure by Yello Media, a global specialist in directories who provide directories in 21 countries. The online platforms that they provide receive over 6 million unique visitors per year.

Yello Media are responsible for the compilation, advertising and editorial content of the directory. Sure provide the services guide and some community content. Sure and JT provide the free white page listings of the directory.

Sure are responsible for billing customers for the advertising that they purchase from Yello Media.

How do I buy a paid listing for the directory?

Please contact the Yello Media directories team on 01481 757367 or

What is on the front cover of this year’s directory?

This year’s directory cover will feature an historic local photo of the celebration of liberation 75 years ago.

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