Spend Limits - protection from bill shock when roaming

Each mobile plan (after May 18) comes with a spend limit of £50.00 as standard.  This includes calls, texts and data.

When you hit the £50.00 limit your phone can no longer be used when roaming, unless you are using WiFi.

This is to protect you from unexpected high bills that you may be unable to afford.

You can raise and lower your spend limit by registering your account with My Sure.  The maximum you can have is £1,000.  If you need more you will need to speak to our Credit Control Department.

If you do get cut off and can’t get to WiFi you will need to use another phone to contact us to raise your spend limit.

*We will attempt to send you a notification of your roaming spend usage at 80% of it’s usage and again at 100%.  

You can check your balance on the go by dialling *#100#.

Click here to register for MySure and then download the app to manage your account on the go.

If you are on an old plan, started before May 18, your limit will be set differently.  Please contact us for more information.

*Please note that due to circumstances out of our control we cannot guarantee that these messages will always be delivered.


How can I protect myself from large roaming bills?

There are things you can do to prevent large roaming bills.

You can register at My Sure and set your own spend limit – as little as £1.00

Or you can call us to Bar Data Roaming on your service from this end.  That means you can only use data with WiFi or not at all.   We find this useful for those with tablets or children that are playing games or streaming TV programmes.

We can’t stop you making calls or sending texts though, so then we recommend the boosters to keep these costs at the lowest charge available.

Click here for more information on how to add boosters.


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