Port 25 disabled 7th October

Broadband Security Enhancements


On 7th October we are making some changes to our broadband network, in line with other internet service providers to increase email security and help reduce the volume of spam email on the Sure network.

Most customers will not notice any difference, however if you are currently using an insecure method to send emails through an email application you will be unable to send email using this method after the change.


From a technical perspective the change that we are making is to block port 25 on our consumer broadband services.


Does this affect me?


It affects you if you are a customer using an email client with port 25 to send email. The default settings for most email services are not to use port 25.


How will I know if this is what I am using?


You will be unable to send email from your email application on a broadband service after we have disabled Port 25 on 7th October.  You will still be able to send email through your web browser.


What do I need to do if my email stops working?


For immediate access to sending emails: Log into your email on your web browser, rather than the email application that you normally use.


To update you email application settings:


If you are using Suremail the instructions to update your settings can be found here: About Suremail


Alternatively, if you login to Support Centre here with your normal Suremail credentials and click “Configure” at the top this will guide you through with screenshots on how to set up.


If you are using another email provider – go to the help section of your email provider’s website to check the secure email settings to enter into your email client.


For a business running a mail server or using a client that uses Port 25, we recommend that you change your settings to use secure email ports – you may need to speak to your IT services provider.


If for some reason you still require access to Port 25, then there is an option to upgrade to pro broadband and choose a fixed IP address – please call us on 01481 700700 to discuss this if required.


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