Increase in avoidable charges - 1st October 2019

From 1st October we will be increaseing selected, avoidable charges as shown in the table below.


As stated these charges are avoidable by simply signing up to pay your bills by Direct Debit.

Direct Debit is the safest way to pay and is backed by the Direct Debit Guarantee.

There is a form you can download at the bottom of this page.  Please allow 7 days for this to be set up.

Paper bill charges are avoidable by signing up for online billing.  Bills are emailed to the account holder at the beginning of the month showing the balance due.  If you then want to view the bill in full, download the PDF or register and log into My Sure where you can see your bills for the last 12 months, which saves paper and helps the environment.

 And if you download the MySure app you can view your bills on the go.

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