Where to purchase a Sure SIM card

You can purchase a PAYG SIM from our Waterloo House store in the High Street.


Most of the Co-Op stores around the island also sell our SIM cards as do Checkers Express, and Morrisons.

In addition these independent stores also stock our SIMs;

Doyle Motors

Cobo Village Stores

Cobo Service Station

The Candy Shop (Bridge, St Sampsons)

Tozers (Bridge, St Sampsons)

Candie Cache Stores

Forest Road Garage

Contree Mansell (top of Mill Street)

Vale Garage

Gaudions Garage (Camp du Roi)

The Paper Shop

Catel Service Station (Thompsons), Rue D'Eglise

Perelle Garage Ltd


On our sister islands, please visit:

Alderney - London House

Sark - Gallery Stores



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