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Setting up Superfast Broadband

This article is specifically for Superfast and Superfast Pro Broadband customers. Unlimited 20Mb/s Broadband should click here to go to the relevant broadband support pages.


Can I get Superfast (VDSL) Broadband?

Superfast Broadband is only available to properties that have very short telephone line lengths from the exchange; the closer you are, the higher the speed you will get.

Click here to check if your property is ready for Superfast Broadband 

Properties with longer line lengths will only experience the benefit of a higher upload speed of up to 5Mb/s. Unlimited Broadband however, is available on lines of much greater length. Because of this, we've created a tool for you to test the length of your phone line, which will tell you what broadband product can be installed at your property and what speed range to expect.

We continue to install roadside MSAN cabinets around the island to improve line-length to areas that require it, so please re-test your line occasionally to see if your reception has improved.

Click here to see what you can do to try and improve your line speed.


Typical speeds

Many factors can affect the speed of your broadband (see our troubleshooting guide for further info). We can't always guarantee you'll get the highest speed possible, but based on line-length alone, here are the approximate speed ranges you can expect to see with Superfast Broadband. 

Line Length Download speed Upload speed
0m - 599m 35Mb/s - 40Mb/s 5Mb/s
600m - 999m  30Mb/s - 38Mb/s 3Mb/s - 5Mb/s
1000m - 1499m 20Mb/s - 32Mb/s 1Mb/s - 3Mb/s
1500m - 1999m 15Mb/s - 25Mb/s Up to 1.5Mb/s


Setting up your VDSL router

Your Technicolor TG799VN VDSL router, for use with Superfast broadband, will be delivered to you fully-configured. This means that once your service has been activated and your new socket fitted by our engineer, you'll be able to plug it in and access the internet straight away.

Wiring diagram for a typical installation

Note that you do not need to plug a microfilter into your telephone socket as you would with standard 20Mb/s broadband; the filter is built into your new socket already. Superfast broadband can only operate when your router is plugged directly into this new socket.

The yellow ethernet cable is only required for computers and other equipment that aren't WiFi enabled. If your device is capable of WiFi, you can choose to connect to the router wirelessly. See the router and device's documentation for further information. However, if you need to log in to the router's settings at some point, you must use the cable the first time you connect.

Accessing the Technicolor TG799VN VDSL router settings

Caution! You should only change your router settings if you are confident that you know what you're doing.

  1. Connect ethernet cable
    In order to edit the router settings and access its security and advanced functions, you'll need to log-in. If this is your first time accessing the router, you must use an ethernet cable like the one supplied; you will not be able to access the router wirelessly the first time.
  2. Open a browser (Internet Explorer/Firefox etc) window
    Enter the router's address '' in the address field then press enter.
  3. Enter Username & password
    Unless you've already changed it, the default username is 'Administrator'. The default password is the serial number printed on the back of your router; this is usually in the format 'CP123KJH899'.

VDSL router settings for non-Sure supplied equipment

If you are using your own equipment rather than one supplied by Sure, you will need to use the router settings below to set up Superfast Broadband. Please refer to your individual router manual for the connection process:

ATM settings VPI 0 VCI 38

Encapsulation PPPoE

Authentication CHAP

Primary DNS

Secondary DNS

Protocol PPPoE

Modulation Type ITU-T 993.2

We can only offer specific technical support for equipment supplied by Sure. Please refer to your equipment documentation or manufacturer if you are having difficulty with equipment not supplied by us.


Superfast Broadband FAQ

  1. Can I get Superfast Broadband if I’m further than 2km from the exchange?
    No, only customers located under 2km can apply for the service.
  2. I have a business and need a fixed IP, how can I get one?
    One free fixed IP address is available on our Superfast Pro service at £69 per month.
  3. Do I need a new router for Superfast broadband?
    You must use a VDSL2 compatible router to attain the highest possible speed available on your line, which we can supply.
  4. Is the engineer site visit mandatory?
    Yes, the site visit is required in order for the engineer to install the dedicated wall socket for the service.
  5. Will everyone get the full 40Mb/s speed?
    No, the speed you will receive is highly dependent on line length - shorter lines will get the highest speeds, longer lines near 2km will only see about 15 to 25Mb/s download speeds.
  6. How long is the contract?
    12 or 24 months. We offer some valuable benefits to customers signing up to a 24 month contract.
  7. I’m still in an Unlimited Broadband contract, can I upgrade to 40Mb/s?
    You can upgrade to Superfast Broadband anytime without penalty, but you will start a new 24 month contract.
  8. Can I plug in my new VDSL router to any socket in the house?
    No – Superfast broadband will only work in the designated socket installed during the engineer site visit - it will not work on any other socket.
  9. When will the engineer arrive to install the socket?
    We will contact you to arrange a suitable date and time for the site visit.
  10. How long will the engineer site visit take?
    Please allow 30 minutes to an hour for the site visit. As well as installing the necessary equipment, our engineer will test your set up and be able to identify any potential problems with your line.
  11. Can I provide my own VDSL router?
    Yes you can, but we cannot guarantee that the service will work, or provide assistance with equipment not provided by us.
  12. What should I expect on my first bill?
    Part-period rental for the month of activation as well as one month in advance rental.
  13. How can I see if my line qualifies for the Superfast service?
    You can use the line test tool on this page. It will test the length of your phone line and tell you which broadband product is suitable.
  14. The line test says that my line is too long to receive Superfast Broadband. When will I be able to get it?
    We are continually installing more street-side cabinets in order to shorten all line lengths, please continue to periodically test your line to see if your line qualifies.
  15. Is there a download limit with Superfast Broadband?
    No, Superfast Broadband is unlimited so you can download and upload as much as you like.
  16. Can I upgrade from Pay As You Go broadband?
    Yes you can upgrade at any time as long as your line length is less than 2km.
  17. Can I use my existing ADSL router on my new Superfast broadband?
    No you must use a VDSL2 compatible router, which we can supply.
  18. Will my home telephone line still work as normal?
    Yes, this service does not affect your telephone line.
  19. Do I still need to use ADSL filters with Superfast Broadband?
    No, the socket that the engineer installs has filters built in. Because this will be your master socket, you shouldn't need to leave microfilters in your other telephone sockets. Your new VDSL router can only be used in the new master socket.
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