Notice of Price and Product changes 1st May 2017

Late payment and reactivation charges 1st May 2017

1) Increase late payment fees:

  • from £7.50 to £10 for Consumer
  • from £15 to £25 for Small Business
  • from £75 to £100 for Enterprise customers


2) The charge to re-connect a service after it has been disconnected due to non-payment is now named a “reactivation charge”.

3) Increase the above reactivation charge from £30 to £40*

*This is different from the charge to reconnect a customer at a property with an exchange line, which is currently £52.60


Notification - Price and Product changes 1st April 2017

 1)      The charge for data increased from 5p to 10p per MB for pay monthly customers to match the current price charged to pay as you go customers.

2)      SMS increased from 15p to 20p

3)      Pay As You Go Classic – our new plan launched last month to give low users, lower rates. There is no allowance but texts are only 5p, minutes are 5p and data is 5p per MB. Customers who currently have the Rewards Plan can switch to the new plan by texting the word “Classic” to 8888.

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