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EU changes to data roaming

First published 15 Jun 2017

What’s changed?

As of 15 June 2017 an EU law has come into effect that abolishes roaming charges for EU citizens roaming in other EU countries. Roaming is the short-term use of mobile services in a country or jurisdiction that is different from your place of permanent residence.


Is Guernsey included in this?

As Guernsey, along with the other Crown Dependencies, is not in the EU local operators are unable to access the new EU roaming regulations.

Sure customers roaming in the EU will therefore still be classed as roaming customers and will continue to pay roaming rates for calls, texts and data.

 Is it true that UK customers can roam to the island for free?

At the moment, it is the case that the four main UK mobile phone operators (EE, O2, Three and Vodafone) have included the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man in their extended ‘Europe zones’, so their customers will be able to roam in the islands at no extra charge.

How are UK operators allowed to do this?

Each individual operator determines which jurisdictions to include in their ‘Europe zones’ and we understand that UK operators have decided that they can absorb the cost of providing roaming in the Channel Islands and Isle of Man at no extra cost to their customers.

Why can Sure not do the same?

The Channel Islands and Isle of Man are not in the EU and therefore cannot access the new EU roaming regulations. Unfortunately because of the volumes involved and the prices charged to us by UK/EU operators it is not possible for Sure to offer free roaming to our customers at this time.

What is Sure doing to help customers?

Sure has dramatically reduced its pricing for UK roaming over the last two years and is always looking to negotiate the lowest roaming premium possible for our customers travelling to the UK and to countries around the world.

We have a cap in place to limit the amount of data that can be used while roaming in order to protect our customers from bill shock. Customers can change this limit if they need to.

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