Notice of Mobile Roaming Tariffs & Boosters - 1st August 2017

Date of publication - 31st July 2017


Sure (Guernsey) Limited is introducing a number of changes to its roaming tariffs and boosters from the 1st August 2017.


Standard roaming charges

Sure has refreshed its standard roaming charges and these are the new basic roaming rates you can expect to pay when not using a roaming booster. 


Roaming Booster

Sure has reviewed its roaming boosters and has merged the previous "Data Booster" and "Calls and Text Booster" into one "Roaming Booster". These boosters were previously charged at £5 each. For those customers who currently have both boosters, their monthly charge will reduce from £10 to £5.

A comparison of old booster rates and new booster rates are shown below.


The new Roaming Booster, charged at £5 per month, will provide customers with 50% off Sure's standard roaming charges for calls, texts and data within Zones 1 to 4 as well as including data for just 10p per MB in the UK, France and the Republic of Ireland (Zone 1). 


Standard roaming charges and charges with the Roaming Booster applied are set out below.

Smart Roamer Booster Enhancements

Sure's Smart Roamer Booster provides for 500Mb of inclusive roaming data for a £20 monthly charge. In addition to this data allowance, the booster will now provide customers with 50% off standard roaming charges (as shown above) as well as free incoming calls when roaming in Zones 1-4. 


Standard Connection Charge

Sure's standard connection charge will increase from 12p to 15p per call.


Roaming Zone Classifications

Sure will be reclassifying its roaming zone countries as defined below.



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