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Picture messaging (MMS)

To set up picture messaging (MMS)

In order to send picture messages (MMS), you will need to configure your phone with the correct settings. 

Picture messaging for iPhone

Click here to link to iPhone guide

Picture messaging for Android

Click here to link to Android guide

All other phones

If your phone isn't supported above you may need to enter data settings yourself, following the manual which came with your phone. Here are the settings you might need: 


Picture Messaging (MMS)  
Name Sure Picture Messaging
MMSC Address
Data Bearer  
GPRS access point (APN) mms
IP Address
Port 9201 or 80

If you still can't configure your settings we can help you: 

  • In store - Our staff can configure your phone in-store, free of charge.
  • By phone - Call 01481 700700 (£5.00 admin fee applies).



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