Bill itemisation

Request to receive itemised bills

Itemised bills require significantly more paper, however, we do understand that you might require this option. We offer itemisation with your bill free of charge, please call use MySure or call us on 01481 700700 if you would like to receive this with your bill.

You can request a one-off itemisation which has an administration fee of £5 per bill period the itemisation is requested for.

If you do require an itemised bill each month, you can choose the level of itemisation, depending on how much detail you would like to see on your bill. Options are:

  • Calls and Data usage over 20p
  • All calls, texts and data (including free usage)
  • No itemisation

Stop itemised billing

If you wish to stop itemised billing, please contact us on 01481 700700 or via the 'Log a query' button at the top of this page. 

Changing bill itemisation in MySure

You can also add, remove or adjust your bill itemisation choices through your MySure account, find out more - Itemisation

Querying a bill

If you have a query about a bill please contact us 01481 700700 or via the 'Log a query' button at the top of this page.


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