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Price increases from 7th March 2016

Please note that Sure is increasing some of it's prices for out of bundle usage on Pay As You Go and Pay Monthly plans from 7th March 2016.  

Standard prices to international destinations are increasing by 5p per minute. For regular users of international calling we recommend buying an international call booster, which can give rates of as low as 5p per minute, see Booster for more details.

The cost of a call once your bundle of minutes has been used is going up by 5p per minute for Pay Monthly customers only.  See Call Rates for details.

The network access charge from Sure on premium and non-geographic numbers (those typically beginning with 05, 09 and 08 except 0800 and 080) is going up from 30p to 40p per minute - remember to add the cost per minute from the organisation you are calling to get your total cost per minute for this type of call. For more information go to About premium numbers 

When using data Sure will charge in increments of 512kb (half a MB).


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