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Q: Why isn’t my business showing?

A: Some of the features are limited to businesses who advertise in our yellow pages. If you would like to discuss your options contact

Q: How do I get my business listed?

A: Please contact

Q: How do I or my business get featured in Explore Guernsey / articles section?

A: We would love to hear from you, please contact

Q: Why has the old app changed / what’s going on?

A: Our new website brings some new features and is easier to navigate and find what you need. We hope you like it.

Q: Why haven’t you told anyone about the changes? / My app has updated, what’s going on?

A: As you can appreciate with a big development we wanted to do lots of testing. We’ve now made it live and will be doing a bigger launch in a few weeks’ time once we have got some feedback from our customers.

Q: How long should the app update take?

A: We recommend you are connected to Wi-Fi before you to the install and it should take no longer than a minute.


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