Notice of Sure Free Broadband Speed Upgrade Offer in Alderney – 15th February 2018

Date of publication – 15th February 2018


Sure is pleased to announce that it will introduce a new retail offer on 19th March 2018 for the provision of Sure higher speed broadband services in Alderney. This offer is being provided in conjunction with the States of Alderney and will entitle broadband customers to a free broadband speed upgrade (to VDSL or faster VDSL) when signing up to a new Sure 24 month broadband service.


The offer details are as follows: 

- Available to broadband customers in Alderney who sign up to a new Sure 24 month broadband service before 31st December 2019. Please see available broadband speeds below:

- Conditional on the customer retaining a Sure landline (Line Only, Sure HomeOne or Sure HomeTwo) for the duration of their 24 month Sure broadband contract. Early termination of the broadband contract may otherwise occur, with associated charges applicable. Any Sure customer within an existing minimum term broadband contract can also take up this offer by opting into this specific 24 month offer without incurring any early termination fees for their existing broadband contract.

- Any Alderney customer who has upgraded their Sure broadband service between 26th January 2018 and 19th March 2018 will also have the opportunity to either upgrade their broadband service to the next higher speed (as set out in the table above) or downgrading to pay for the directly lower speed whilst maintaining their current speed as part of this offer.

- Customers will receive a free enhancement of their fixed line phone socket (and line wiring, if required) to enable higher speed (VDSL) broadband services.

- VDSL broadband requires the use of a VDSL compatible router which Sure can provide free of charge, if required.

- Sure’s broadband discount for Pay Monthly mobile customers will apply as per Sure’s standard broadband pricing (see for details).


A 12 month option will also be available but without the facility for a free router. Should any customer require a VDSL router to take up this offer, Sure can provide one at either: 

- A one-off charge of £60.00

- A monthly charge of £5.00 per month for 12 months (total £60.00)


Other aspects of the 12 month offer will be as per those of Sure’s 24 month offer.


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