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Spam Emails - General Advice

From time to time we are made aware of some spam emails going to customers with accounts telling you that you have reached your limit of 25GB of storage and asking you to click on a few links inside of the email, or that you need to reset your password amongst other things.

These messages are not from Sure, although they look genuine, these are spam messages. We would never ask you for any personal details by email or send you links to click on.  If you receive a message that you are not sure of, please delete it and don't click on the link.

We recommend that you change your password after that but do it anyway ever 6 months or so to help prevent spam in the future. 

If you happen to click a link on an email by accident, please run a virus scan on your computer, if you need any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us on 700700 or email


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