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How to get the best out of your broadband from Sure

The good news is that the vast majority of factors adversely affecting broadband speed occur in and around the home and can be solved quickly, cheaply and easily by you. Please work through each of the following steps and with a little time and effort, you should start achieving speeds closer to those that your line will allow. 


  • Turn off other devices if not in use.  It is common for another piece of equipment  to interfere with bandwidth such as:

o   Sky boxes

o   Other PC’s or tablets

o   Smart TV’s

o   Games consoles

o   Security cameras

  • Please note that when using WiFi, interference can come from other devices such as;

o   Microwaves, fridges and radios

o   CRT TV’ s

o   Air conditioning units

o   Baby monitors, remote control devices (toys etc)

o   The neighbours WiFi signal

  •  Password protect your router so that no one else can access it outside your property (routers supplied by Sure are already protected).
  • Try to make sure your router is connected to the main telephone socket in the property as it may bypass any potential internal wiring issues and should give you the clearest signal back to the exchange.
  • Be aware that extension leads may interfere with the signal.
  • If you have an on demand service on your TV you could try unplugging the Ethernet cable when not downloading or watching catch up TV as it may also be accessing your bandwidth.
  • Use filters on every socket that connects a device to a telephone line, in every room and replace them frequently, not forgetting Sky boxes too.
  • Your router must be ADSL2+ compatible. Check the label on the router, or the documentation it came with. A non-ADSL2+ router may still work, but it won't provide you with speeds higher than 8Mb.


What are Sure doing to improve speeds?

Ever since the introduction of broadband in Guernsey we have been committed to upgrading our infrastructure on a regular basis in order to provide you with the highest possible speed, usually at no extra cost.

As speed increases, so do the effects of various factors that can interfere with and reduce it. Outside of the home, the biggest issue we face in providing the fastest possible speed is the length of the telephone line between your home and our exchange - the longer the line, the slower the maximum speed. We are lucky to live in a place where the majority of lines are short-enough to achieve the best possible speed but there are some areas where this is not the case.

For those customers, we are actively installing equipment closer to these homes called 'MSAN's'. These are high-tech boxes that effectively bring the exchange closer to your home, reducing the length of your line thus improving the speed and reliability of your broadband. We have already installed many MSAN's at strategic locations around the island and we continue to do so.

Rest assured that we at Sure are committed to a rolling program of upgrades to our technology and to doing everything we can to provide you with the best and most reliable broadband possible.



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